Welcome to L.D. Reeves & Associates, Inc., where we take the stress out of building your restaurant by managing every aspect of the process with precision and care. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your project runs smoothly from start to finish, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Discover how our dedicated team can bring your vision to life.

Our Comprehensive Services:

Site Investigation

  • Detailed reports identifying essential technical information and critical approvals
  • Key areas: zoning, planning, engineering, fire, building, health, utilities, liquor licensing, DOT, architectural reviews, and regulatory agencies
  • Identification of non-prototypical design obstacles

Program Management

  • End-to-end oversight of your project
  • Meticulous planning and execution of every detail
  • Seamless integration of all project phases

Due Diligence

  • Management of initial project studies, including bidding, qualifying, and awarding
  • Preliminary field testing and regulatory analysis
  • Identification of additional required studies and updates


  • Coordination of all city, county, state, and private reviews and approvals
  • Comprehensive management of planning, engineering, stormwater, fire, traffic, DOT, building, health, and regulatory agency approvals
  • Streamlined process for all necessary permits

Real Estate Transaction Review

  • Thorough review of Letters of Intent, contracts, and leases
  • Identification of critical transaction items such as timing, use classification, rent triggers, design criteria, and operational constraints
  • Expert analysis to ensure smooth and efficient real estate dealings

Governmental Representation

  • Effective navigation of complex government regulations
  • Securing of necessary approvals for your project
  • Representation of your interests in all regulatory matters

Project Entitlements

  • Management of all necessary approvals for full permit release
  • Handling of platting, development amendments, specific use permits, variances, architectural reviews, and more
  • Comprehensive oversight to ensure compliance and approval

Online Project Management

  • Real-time tracking of your project’s progress
  • User-friendly online tools to keep you informed and engaged
  • Transparent and efficient project management

DOT Signage Coordination

  • Ensuring all signage meets DOT regulations
  • Strategic placement for maximum visibility and compliance
  • Coordination with relevant authorities for seamless approval

Utility Coordination

  • Identification of existing infrastructure and available capacities
  • Collaboration with utility engineers and architects for design and routing
  • Management of drawing reviews, approvals, and utility setups

Project and Consultant Management

  • Oversight of all project consultants involved in various phases
  • Efficient management of due diligence, site planning, entitlements, permitting, and third-party approvals
  • Smooth transition from development to construction, with a focus on schedule management and critical milestones

At L.D. Reeves & Associates, Inc., we are passionate about delivering excellence in every project we undertake. Let us handle the complexities of building permits and regulatory approvals, so you can focus on your business. We are committed to turning your vision into reality, providing you with peace of mind and a successful outcome.