The Most Predictable Way to Opening Day

The Secret of Success

A predictable development timeline is a necessity for effective program management. By knowing this information, you will maximize your operating weeks and increase your sales.

LDRA provides this critical component on a national level by performing exhaustive due diligence on potential sites, by identifying challenges and impediments to the development of your project, by conducting timely permitting, and providing total project management.

We invite you to join our list of prestigious clients. We turn independent operators into groups, groups into regional chains and regional chains into national brands.


We drive your success by fast-tracking development, maximizing revenue, and boosting sales efficiency.


To be the go-to resource for excellence in commercial real estate development.

Client Testimonials

Neil Terwilliger

Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Over the last five (5) years, I have used the services of LDRA in conjunction with Darden Restaurants, Inc. development. They have handled approximately 85% of the development opportunities I handle on an annual basis.

Their personnel has the expertise to take the surprise out of site development. They have contributed to the bottom line of Darden Restaurants, Inc. growth and helped maximize operating weeks through thorough and accurate site procurement. They are definitely a corporate asset.

David Moss

We’ve partnered with LDRA for the past three years on various projects. Their team has expertly managed every aspect of our site development, ensuring no unexpected issues arise. Their meticulous approach has significantly contributed to our project efficiency and profitability. LDRA is an invaluable asset to our operations, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Elizabeth McCaw

Working with LDRA has been a game-changer for our company’s expansion efforts. Their comprehensive understanding of the development process and attention to detail have streamlined our projects, saving us time and resources. LDRA’s expertise has not only supported our growth but also enhanced our operational success. They truly are an indispensable partner in our development endeavors.

Clients & Partners